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Our Story


It all started with a cookie craving...

Our story began when our founder, Allison Kim, developed extreme sensitivities to dairy products in college. While she gave up some of her favorite savory foods for a while, she couldn't shake her craving for a great chocolate chip cookie. The vegan or dairy-free cookies she would find on the market were often of the oatmeal variety, or simply tasted like cardboard. She made it her mission to create a delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie that could be mistaken for a non-vegan product. After many trials, she developed her personal recipe for her vegan chocolate chip cookie, which she then began stuffing with various fillings for a pop of flavor.

Our goal is to one day cater to sweet tooths across all spectrums, regardless of food sensitivities and allergies. Every item is hand crafted with the utmost care, because we know everything tastes better with TLC. While we are currently in the development stages of such products, we look forward to serving our customers with sweet treats, stuffed with love.