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Special Assortments:

Summer Assortment of 6: $25

  • (1) Samoa Special
  • (1) Nilla Wafer Special
  • (1) White Chocolate S'mores 
  • (1) White Chocolate Matcha
  • (1) Dark Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles
  • (1) Dark Chocolate with Oreos
  • Stuffed: half Nutella, half speculoos 
  • Pick-up/Delivery only available

Summer Assortment of 12: $48

  • (2) Samoa Special
  • (2) Nilla Wafer Special
  • (2) White Chocolate S'mores
  • (2) White Chocolate Sprinkles
  • (2) Dark Chocolate with Rainbow Sprinkles
  • (2) Dark Chocolate with Oreos
  • Stuffed: half Nutella, half speculoos 
  • Pick-up/Delivery only available

@peachonomics DoCos for a Cause Assortment of 4: $18

  • (1) Yogurt glaze
  • (1) Matcha (vegan)
  • (1) Almond butter
  • (1) Dark chocolate hazelnut
  • Stuffed: all speculoos

*You can swap out any of the flavors in the pre-set assortments by making a note in "Special Requests."

To order an assortment, use the order form on this page and select the assortment of your choice.


Order your sweetstuffed goods.

Each donut cookie starts at $3.50, with minimum orders starting at 4 donut cookies ($14). You can choose the special assortments (shown on the side) or build your own assortment using our current flavors. Finally, you can also build your own CUSTOM flavors using the directions below.

Bulk orders of 3 dozen or more must be submitted with at least 2 weeks of notice. Custom design orders not found on this page are subject to additional pricing increases.

Flavor Lineup

Limited Time Only - Summer Flavors:

  • Nilla Wafer Special - $4.50
  • Samoa Special- $4.50 
  • White Chocolate S'mores - $4.50

@peachonomics x @sweetstuffednyc DoCos for a Cause:

  • Yogurt glaze with coconut chips, chia seeds and granola: $4.50
  • Almond butter glaze with coconut chips, chocolate covered chia, granola (v): $4.50 
  • Chocolate hazelnut glaze with white chia and sprinkles (v): $4.50 
  • Matcha glaze with coconut chips and chia seeds (v): $4.50 

Classic Flavors:

  • White Chocolate Matcha: $4.50 
  • S'more Lovin (s'mores white chocolate glaze): $4.50
  • Nutella Caramel: $4.50
  • Rose and White Chocolate: $5.50 (proceeds to breast cancer research)
  • Dark or White Chocolate with Oreos: $3.50
  • Reese's Pieces with Peanut Butter: $3.75 
  • Nutella Squared (stuffed and glazed with Nutella): $3.50

Mini DoCos:

  • Mini DoCo assortment of 12, includes variety of classic and seasonal flavors: $25
  • Specific flavors and custom requests subject to additional costs

Build Your Own: Custom SweetStuffed - How to Order

1) Stuff them!

  • Vegan: Speculoos, peanut butter
  • Non-vegan: Nutella

2) Glaze them!

  • Vegan: Dark chocolate, speculoos, peanut butter
  • Non-vegan: Nutella, white chocolate vanilla, white chocolate matcha, colored icing (+$.50)

3) Top them!

  • Vegan: Oreos, sprinkles (vegan non-pareils), organic toasted coconut, toasted almonds, s'mores (+$1)
  • Non-vegan: mini chocolate chips, Reese's pieces (+$.25), Andes mints (+$.25), Samoa inspired (+$1)

For inspiration, check out the gallery or our Instagram!

Let's get stuffed!
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You can create a mix of current Special and Classic flavors, If you'd also like to create custom flavors, please describe each donut cookie in detail using the format of 1) stuffed, 2) glazed, 3) topped. Example: Nutella stuffed, dark chocolate glaze, topped with sprinkles.
All payments are due upon delivery of product. We use Square to accept credit card payments (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, AMEX) and thus require an additional 3% for processing fees. We will specify your final total upon confirming receipt of your order!
Please specify date and time range for delivery/pick-up. We will confirm details via email upon receipt of your order. Note that all Valentine's Day orders will be available ONLY on 2/13 or 2/14.
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